Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Oat Milk Yoghurt

I am a big fan of oats. It is nutritious and good for you. I am so happy to chance upon this recipe for homemade oat milk yoghurt. It is not difficult to make and I love the taste of this yoghurt. It is thick and creamy, has a mild oat flavour and not very sour. Sweeten with honey or maple syrup, you can top with fruits and have it anytime of the day. I use it for baking too. Do note that it taste very different from commercial yoghurt.

Recipe adapted from cookbook Oatrageous oatmeals

Oat Milk makes wonderful yoghurt, partly because of its protein content. It is not necessary to add thickener and the consistency is closer to Greek yoghurt than regular yoghurt.

Oat Milk Yoghurt ( makes 4 cups )

950ml water ( about 4 cups )
100g rolled oats ( about 1 cup )
( use 160g for thick pudding texture or 80g if you prefer thin consistency )
3 tablespoons (45g) room temperature plain yoghurt

Utensils needed
fine sieve/strainer

1. Add rolled oats and water to a blender and soak for about 15 minutes. Blend on high until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Strain using a cheesecloth or fine sieve into a pot.

2. Heat up the oat milk over medium low heat till 82 Degree Celsius. This will kill any bacteria that we don't want to culture. Whisk often as oat milk will thicken at the bottom of the pot.

3. Once the milk is at 82 Degree Celsius, remove from heat and let it cool down to 46 Degree Celsius ( any hotter will kill the culture we will add and anything cooler than 43 Degree Celsius may not cultivate the cultures. ) Whisk often while cooling as the oat milk may lump up as it cools.

4. Once the oat milk is at 46 Degree Celsius, mix 235ml of the warm oat milk with the plain room temperature yoghurt in a small bowl. Once combined, whisk it into the pot with the rest of the milk.

5. If you are using a yoghurt maker, follow the instruction of the maker from here.

6. If you don't have a yoghurt maker like me, pour the mixture into mason jars or bottles and wrap them in hand towels and put them into a picnic cooler box . Fill up a small empty bottle with hot water and put it in the box to help maintain the warm in the box. Alternately , you can keep them wrapped in the oven with the light on .
7. Let the yoghurt sit untouched for 8 to 12 hours. The longer you leave it, the tangier it will get.

8. Once ready, it will be slightly thickened. Store them in the fridge and it will thicken further. They can keep for up to 1 week. Remember to save a few tablespoons for the next batch.

9. To serve, add honey or maple syrup to sweeten and top with your favourite fruits, nuts, granola and etc. You could use it for your overnight oats and baking too.


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