Saturday, 17 January 2015

Hot and Sour Soup (酸辣湯)

This thick soup is my family's all-time favourite. It is rather easy to make. The taste of the soup varies slightly depending on the type of stock used. You can make your own chicken stock or use store-bought chicken stock. The heat comes from the pepper, ginger and chilli oil/powder and the sourness from the vinegar. My family prefers chilli powder to chilli oil. This is the chilli powder I am using currently.

Hot and Sour Soup (serves 3-4)

900ml - 1000ml of chicken stock
1 egg, lightly beaten with a fork
1 tablespoon of young ginger, thinly sliced
A handful of each of the following ingredients as shown in the picture below :
Carrot , thinly sliced
Tofu , sliced
Boiled Chicken Breast , shredded (optional)
Bamboo Shoot, thinly sliced
Black fungus, soaked and thinly sliced
Mushroom (Shitake preferred), thinly sliced

(Depending on the type of stock (low sodium or regular or homemade) you are using, adjust the seasoning according to your taste)
2-4 tablespoons Vinegar (black preferred)
1-2 teaspoons Sesame oil
Salt and pepper (according to your preference)
1-2 tablespoon of Light Soy Sauce
few drops of Dark Soy Sauce for darker colour
Chilli oil or chilli powder (according to your preference)

1-2 tablespoon of corn flour + some water to dissolve

Spring onion and/or Coriander, chopped

1. If you are using fresh bamboo shoot, you need to pre-boil it first.

2. Bring the chicken stock to a boil, if you wish to add chicken breast, you can boil 1 chicken breast in the stock for about 10 minutes till cooked and set aside to cool before shredding.

3. Add carrot, mushroom, bamboo shoot, ginger and black fungus to the boiling stock. Cook on medium low for about 10 -15 minutes.

4. Slowly pour the egg in and use a pair of chopsticks to swirl the soup at the same time.

5. Add tofu and shredded chicken and then seasoning according to your taste.

6. Lastly, use a spoon to stir to dissolve the corn flour well before adding to the soup. Add slowly, stirring at the same until the soup is thicken to your preferred consistency.

7. Garnish with chopped spring onion and/or coriander before serving.

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