Vineyard @Hort Park

We went to Hort Park for our morning walk last Saturday and had brunch at Vineyard @Hort Park. The restaurant is near the entrance to the park and they serve brunch only on Sat and Sun, 11.30am to 2.30pm. You can also order from their Ala Carte menu.

Service was good and I like the big tables in the restaurant.   We ordered the followings:
Escargots À La Bourguignonne with herbed garlic butter, walnut parsley pesto, white wine and cognac $16.00

There were only 6 pieces and really delicious. You won't taste the alcohol and my kids ate most of them. 

Vineyard Breakfast Club apple braised short ribs, scrambled eggs, roasted capsicum, swiss cheese on homemade ciabatta served with truffled fries $18.00

The portion is big, big enough for 2 small eaters. Those 3 pieces of apple braised short rib (boneless) were the best of the lot. They were full of flavour and cooked to perfection. It melts in your mouth. Everything on the plate tasted good. I would recommend this dish.

Vineyard Breakfast  eggs cooked your way pork bratwurst
, crispy bacon, spinach and cheese stuffed mushroom,vine tomatoes, mixed greens and  homemade ciabatta bread $20.00
We chose poached eggs. You can choose scrambled, poached or sunny side-up. The bacon was crispy and yummy. There was only 1 piece of the stuffed mushroom which was good. Baked potatoes were served which was not listed in the menu. Maybe they didn't have enough mushrooms. The potatoes were yummy anyway.  I am not a big fan of bratwurst and the kids seemed to like them better. Big portion too.

Seafood Bouillabaisse scallops white prawns, sea perch
fillet, squid, lemongrass, lime leaf in saffron broth. $33.00
This is on the ala carte menu. Fresh seafood for sure. My kids said no no to try this dish as they didn't like the strong seafood smell and taste. I personally find the smell strong too, but the broth tasted good to me. Portion is reasonable. If you like seafood, give it a try.

Hazelnut Crunch Bar with fresh berries and passion
fruit coulis $12.00
Yes, dessert is the best part of the meal. The hazelnut crunch bar is rich and rather long, enough for us to share. Paired with fresh strawberries, the combination of sweet and tart was perfect. The crunchy base was perfect too.

Baileys Soufflé with coffee ice-cream $12.00

The soufflé on the other hand was quite of a disappointment. It came flat and oozing out a little. I understand that soufflé is not the easiest dessert to make and success rate is not 100%. I also know that soufflé will collapse within few minutes after coming out of the oven, but I have been served better looking soufflé, hence I would consider this a failure. Nevertheless, the taste was nice and the coffee ice-cream made up for it.

You can visit their website for their full menu. Even though Hort Park is not fantastic, I would visit Vineyard again. I am keen to try out their weekday set lunches and tapas in the evening.

- visited July 2015 -

We finally visited again recently around Christmas to try their set lunches. It was $28++ for 3 courses and $23++ for 2 courses. We really enjoyed our lunch and felt it was of good value.

Festive Deco

We didn't know that they serve bread. It was great as the kids were very hungry. Nice and simple bun with butter and olive oil dip.

We ordered 3 set lunches, so we tried 3 different starters. We had Mushroom Soup, Caesar Salad and French Onion Soup. There was nothing special about the salad, but the soups were really good, rich and flavourful.

For mains, we tried Roasted Chicken, Salmon and Pumpkin Risotto. I liked the salmon best because I love salmon, hahaha. Frankly speaking, all 3 were cooked well and tasted delicious.  

We ordered a al carte Margherita Pizza for my girl. Wow, the pizza was big and we had to help her finished it.  The pizza wasn't the best pizza we had, but it was good. Perhaps a rating of 80/100 gives you a better idea what I meant by good.

As the portion of each dish was not small, we couldn't eat much more for dessert. We only ordered 1 which was the red velvet cake with ice-cream and strawberries. Good portion size despite being part of the 3 courses set lunch.

- visited December 2015 -

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