Yahava Koffee Works

Located behind Giant Supermarket opposite Sembawang Hills Food Center, Yahava Koffee Works is really a place for coffee and cakes. The café is spacious with more than 10 tables. Lovely coffee aroma filled the well decorated café ( I like the style ). 
Light meals on the menu includes sandwiches, lasagne and waffles. The drink list is much longer with different types of coffee and tea available. There are quite a variety of cakes available, about 8 different cakes ($5.50 - $7.50). Scones and Danish are available too. 
Tucked in a quiet landed property estate, I didn't expect such a crowd when I went last Sunday at 3pm, hoping to have my afternoon tea there. Unfortunately, all tables were taken by mostly students working on their laptops or doing their homework. They didn't look like they were leaving soon, so we had to do a takeaway. I bought 3 slices of cakes and they were delicious and coffee was fantastic too.    

The outside is not impressive , nice interior though.

My takeaway XL Flat White at $5.50. It was really good.

Earl Grey Tea Cake. It was very rich with yellow raisin at the bottom. The top is caramel if I am not wrong.

Matcha Azuki Cake. The cake was light, not too sweet and yummy.
Apple Crumble. This classic dessert was baked well with crusty base and crumbly top.
Yahava Koffee Works
4 Jalan Gelengang Singapore 578188
Open 9am to 6pm daily.

- visited June 2015 -

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