We like to come here for breakfast before our walk at the Botanical Gardens. It is a small cosy cafe sandwiched between The Wine Company and Mr Prata. Parking is available at Pegasus International Pre-School which is just 2 minutes walk to Assembly.

Simple Deco Letter 'A' for Assembly 

Although it is quite small with less than 10 tables including 1 huge tall table in the middle, it is well decorated with some interesting little deco.

Waffle with mixed berries compote

My favourite has to be their buttermilk waffle, in particular Waffle with Mixed Berries Compote & Vanilla Ice-Cream ($12.50).  The waffle is crisp on the outside and goes really well with the tangy berries and vanilla ice-cream. There are few other flavours such as Salted Caramel and Earl Grey Caramel. 

Flat White 

Coffee is something you should not miss unless you don't drink coffee. Nice latte art on my flat white. ($4.50)

Shibuya Toast

 "Shibuya Toast" ($12) is a huge blocks of sugar/honey coated crunchy thick toasts served with greek yoghurt, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream. Kids will love this seriously. While it tasted good and addictive, i felt that this is really for those with a sweet tooth. 

A savoury breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on a toast and topped with wild rockets ($15)  is available if you do not want something sweet for breakfast. We did like it, but felt the price is a bit high.

A selection of cakes is available, but not many available early in the morning. We also like their chicken pie ($9.50).

26 Evans Road
Singapore 259367

Opening hours 
8am - 7pm
Tuesday to Sunday
Closed on Monday

- visited Aug 2015 - 

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